Richard CoppinFor more than fifty years creativity has been the cornerstone of my working life. Producing something from nothing, whether through imagery, words or plain imagination has remained a rewarding experience in its own right for me on top of its ability to earn a living.

This fifty years milestone has prompted me to take a retrospective glance at my output over those years, causing me to realise, oddly surprisingly that I’d been somewhat prolific. This web site therefore is both showcase and memoir along with a sincere hope that in some way it will serve as entertainment as you rummage through the pages which follow. In its role as a gallery I also trust it will inspire you to contact me for a commission of your own and to join the many other discerning collectors of artists’ works who own an original Coppin.

Richard Coppin Lincolnshire Artist, Author & Designer

The images above are some of my favourite illustrations and the caricature is by Terry Shelbourne. Please take the time to browse the galleries on this website and discover your own favourite.