logo design by Richard CoppinSouthwell Leisure Centre
This was my first commercial logo design created in 1981. I incorporated from left to right, swimming, Southwell Minster and athletics. Beneath is a family of sporting figures connected with a range of sporting equipment to suggest many of the other activities on offer. Amazingly this logo is still in use today.

Paperlines Paperlines
This Nottingham based paper converting company turned huge rolls of paper into A4 and A3 sizes for distribution to wholesalers. This was in the early 80s which explains the rather blockish treatment. Playing with a company’s initials to create something simple, meaningful and memorable is something I instinctively try to do; so here is an unravelling roll of paper forming a P and an L for Paperlines.
Ransomwood Estates Ransomwood Estates
Ransomwood Business Park near Mansfield is quite unique in that it is set in glorious leafy woodland. The park is owned by Ransomwood Estates. As Head of Design for a Mansfield design company I was responsible for the design not only of the corporate identity but also for all the corporate literature and the directional signage which ran through the area. The motif of a leaf seemed the obvious choice in designing a logo for this kind of enterprise; and therefore this leaf is formed by the suggestions of an R a W and an E for the parent company name. It was through the work relating to this set of commissions that I won the coveted National Graphic Designer of the Year Award in 1997.
Genesis DesignGenesis Design
During the mid eighties Genesis designed silicon chips for computers that were sent electronically to Japan for manufacture via the new media of something called the internet. They were strict that nothing technological should show through in the design; added to that they wanted it to have the ability to be recognisable when reproduced in super miniature on the millions of chips to be manufactured. I chose the formation of the world as my starting point and came up with a single shape that when rotated into its twin not only made this possible but also created a suggestion of a G and a D.
Taverner Accountancy ServiceTaverner Accountancy Services
Taverner was a separate brand that belonged to a firm of accountants. This particular branch of the business dealt solely with pubs, restaurants, hotels etc. The first name we chose was Publican, but this was the name of a trade magazine, so after some discussion the name Taverner was chosen. I deliberately created the logo design in the shape of a beer pump or bottle label to engender a closer link with their clients.
T & L Travel ToursT & L Traveltours
A company name like this is quite long, which gives scope for long sweeping concepts. I wanted to encompass a range of expressions in this logo design; the four points of the compass, movement, sand and sea and not least the notion of a T and an L.
Grantham MuseumGrantham Museum
Sir Isaac Newton was born near Grantham and educated in the town. He developed the mathematics of motion and the laws of gravity from seeing an apple falling from a tree. When I was asked to create a logo design for Grantham Museum I wanted to show an apple falling but not through the use of cartoony ‘whoosh’ lines. Instead I created a dual concept; an apple that doubled as a G for Grantham, and then introduced a small shadow to indicate that the apple was about to reach the ground.
Helen's FlowersHelen’s Flowers
Colour, blooms, petals & leaves and a circular concept were the main things in my mind when I thought about this design. I played around with an H and an F to make a floral motif within a sixty degree wedge which I then repeated six times in rotation. By choosing a different colour for each element I was able to make a bouquet; perfect for a flower shop.
Top Level Training & DevelopmentTop Level Training & Development
As I left the meeting following being commissioned to design the TLTD logo I had in mind the idea of a delegate or student reaching for a star. I was finally influenced by the design of the Bloomsbury Publishing company logo that was in use at the time. The human figure I chose however had a sense of flight or leaping that gave it the necessary movement and dynamism.
Buckminster Gliding ClubBuckminster Gliding Club
As a onetime glider pilot I would fly in circles within thermals to gain height. I therefore used the idea of this corkscrewing movement to create a letter B for Buckminster Gliding Club’s logo.
Eagle AssociatesEagle Associates
This group of companies and professionals expressed a wish to demonstrate that they had a ‘hands-on’ approach to their business. I recalled the shadow puppets people once amused themselves with and developed the idea of an eagle’s wing morphing into a hand. The condensed font helped to give the look a professional air; a style that was very popular in the nineties.
Baker's CakesBaker’s Cakes
As bakers of some of the most imaginative cakes you could dream of the owners of Baker’s Cakes wanted something completely traditional to convey the pride they have in their ‘made by loving hands’ aspect. This design is deliberately Edwardian; with ‘Old Mother Baker’ at the top doing what she does best.
Grantham WritersGrantham Writers
This logo was designed as a favour to a writing group I once belonged to. I was impressed by a book of invertible words that were identical whether viewed the right way up or upside down. This seemed to suit this literary group of contrasting writers so the G and the W can be read the same whichever way you view it and made to look as if it had been created by a form of calligraphy.

Logo Design by Richard Coppin