Meeting a CatCat sits on a doorstep, sun warms silky coat
I walk by, she lifts an eye and takes me in
Her body still, serene, as both eyes now take note
Of my next step, considering fight or flight; lose or win.

I slow; she knows I mean her not a scrap of harm
And talking softly move towards her stretched-out paws and claws
My offered hand at end of outstretched arm
She rubs her chin and slowly to her feet she draws

She’s like a mist moving now around my back
Her tail caresses round my ligers ‘til she reappears
She lets me stroke her head, allowing all her guard to slack
Then lying on her back extends her deadly spears

Her belly soft and downy now invites my touch
The claws outstretched lest a touch I try
With tables turned, I feel I can’t tempt fate this much
And feeling spurned, she fixes me with opal eye

My busy day, my hectic life forbids that I should stay
I rise from my crouch and voice my fond farewell
The movement makes her dart, and from her eyes she seems to say
You’re all the same you men. Get lost, and go to hell.

Meeting a Cat a Poem by Richard Coppin

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