You can listen to sample tracks from the Richard Coppin radio plays – The Discovery of Shows, Series 1 and Series 2 – by clicking on the video links below. These radio plays were originally aired on Priory FM, 102.5 fm, during 2006 and 2007.


From Series 1 we feature a short sample track from ‘The Discovery of Money’. The protagonists are The Chief, The Cook, The Cook’s Idiot Brother and The Hunter,

This first series is set in the Stone Age and in this sample track it’s early morning at the cave. The Chief and his female companion, The Cook, discuss the recent arrival of the post and argue over the merits and meanings of ‘Mail Man’ as opposed to ‘Male Man’.

This sample track is just a snippet from the very enjoyable first series of The Discovery of Shows radio plays written by Richard Coppin.

Series 1 aired during November and December 2006.

From the second series by Richard Coppin the featured track is ‘The Discovery of Gravity’.

Set in Roman Grantham the plot centres around Julius Caesar, Mark Antony, The Slave Girl and The Slave Girl’s Brother. In his haste to glimpse the Romans our young hero climbs to the roof and dislodges a tile which strikes Mighty Caesar.

The ensuing court case focuses on Slave Girl’s Brother attempting to disclaim responsibility for the incident and blaming it on an unseen force, which has yet to be discovered …..gravity!

Series 2 aired during November and December 2007.

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