Just a small selection of short stories by Richard Coppin chosen from over thirty titles. Please click on the links below to enjoy reading one or all of the featured stories.

The stories in this gallery feature three of Richard’s favourites, written over the years for his family and friends to enjoy. If you enjoy any or all of the stories then please contact Richard who will be happy to make more of his short pieces available to you.

Short Stories by Richard Coppin

Set in the present day ‘The Phone Call’ is the story of an unsuspecting man who receives a chance call from his younger self living in 1975. Mysterious and unsettling.

‘Patience’ is the story of a sailor shipwrecked one hundred miles south east of Papua, New Guinea in July 1843. It describes his surprise reaction to a message in a bottle brought to him by the sea.

Our final short story ‘The Lesson’ describes how one unfortunate Geography teacher finds it’s his turn to instruct his young charges about the facts of life. Thirty-two pairs of eyes beheld him as if he was a bomber caught in enemy searchlights. Thirty-two pairs of lips quivered, holding back a surge of giggles like fractured dams. What a nightmare!